Our advantages

It is a known fact, that Instagram changes its algorithms from time to time,
as a result old life hacks and methods of promoting stop working.
Competitors are shutting down, but we, on the contrary, find new solutions.

Up to date

Our team of professionals works daily improving algorithms of promoting, finding new methods and using the ones that work today.


You do not need to dive into the settings of the methods we found, just click the Start button and our automatic service will do the rest.


As a rule of thumb, we use the methods that are still not covered by Instagram policy, eliminating any risks.


As a result of the actions taken by our service with your account, hundreds of thousands of users will start paying attention to you.

Target audience

By having set correct target audience, your profile visitors conversion to active followers is about 50%.


We love our work very much and are ready to help you not only with our service but also with any questions regarding Instagram in general.

Instagram Masslooking

We offer you two basic methods for effectively promoting your Instagram account in 2019. The first one is called Instagram Masslooking, which works very simply. First you set your target audience, and then press the Start button. This is easily configured and launched from your dashboard.

After the launch, our service begins collecting all the stories of followers of your target audience, and afterwards automatically watches each of them using your account.

The trick of this method is that most users will be curious who watched their story. They will open the list of those who watched it and will pay attention to your avatar and nickname, then they will continue to your profile to learn more about you. If you seem interesting to them, they will follow you.

And now the main thing, at the moment Instagram has no strict limits on the number of watched stories. This means that your account can watch up to 2,000,000 different stories per day, incredible, but now it works that way. Just imagine how many people will visit your profile and how many will follow you, the numbers are going wild.

Our results in numbers



Easy start
Package for beginners
1 day
  • Introductory package
  • Promotion of 1 account
  • Limited masslooking
  • Likes in full
  • Support
Mini Guru
Maximum efficiency
1 week
  • Full package
  • Pay for each account
  • Promotion of all accounts
  • Masslooking in full
  • Likes in full
  • Support
Maximum efficiency
  • Full package
  • Pay for each account
  • Promotion of all accounts
  • Masslooking in full
  • Likes in full
  • Support
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